Zits vs. Pimples

Difference Between Zits and Pimples

Zits surface when oil glands and melanin inside the skin are blocked. This results in a pus producing raisedpop. They are usually infectious and tend to spread if carelessly burst causing conditions to worsen. Pimples,on the other hand, arise from skin pore blockages. They appear as very painful papulesor pustules. An active element responsible for pimples is acne.

A key feature of zits which differentiates them is that they can appear in people of all ages, including teenagers, individuals in their mid-30’s to the old people. They don’t necessarily appearon the skin of the face & may appear on other body parts. But pimples appear especially in adolescents because of the hormonal changes which induce excess melanin production causing blockage of skin pores. In addition, they are found mostly in the facial area.

Some common causes of zits are the accumulation of toxins and stress in the body. Zits are also caused by infections. Stress or tension is a prime cause as it is not only a state of mind, but also affects physical health & levels of toxin within the body. The consumption of fried foods and fat, use of cosmetics which affect the skin disorder, hereditary and hormonal imbalance during the pre-puberty rules and some of the other editions that can cause zits. On the other hand, puberty is one of the primary factors causing pimples. Sebum, which is supposed to be produced by the sebaceous glands, can occasionally stick dead cells of skin in the epidermal region causing a pore blockage. Excessive testosterone during puberty causes increases the secretion of sebum resulting in clogs. These get infected with bacteria and form pimples.


1) Zits occur due to blocking of oil glands & melanin in the skin whereas pimples are causeddue to skin pore blockages.

2) Zits are infectious at all times and if bursts can deteriorate. Pimples at all times are not necessarily infectious.

3) Pimples occur more specifically to a particular age that is the age of puberty.However, zits can happen to people of all ages.

4) The causes of zits are stress, fatty foods, hormonal imbalance and cosmeticswhereas sticking of dead skinwith sebum and subsequent bacterial infection is a more fundamental cause of pimples.


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