Zoo vs. Sanctuary

Difference between Zoo and Sanctuary

Residing places or protective asylums for animals and birds are known as zoo and sanctuary. In terms of the surrounding environment and living conditions, these places show marked differences between them.  Zoo is an artificial habitat and man-made. Visitors come and watch them as tourists without any restrictions. In zoo, animals and birds are held captive.

On the contrary, a sanctuary is a living abode in natural habitat.  They are free and can roam anywhere they want. If visitors want to visit a sanctuary, they have to observe strict restrictions so that the human intervention is less. Unlike zoo, there are no protective cages to keep animals. They are free to roam around territories. Mostly, sanctuaries are open for restricted viewing.

Promoting the tourist activities of a country, zoo is a commercial project. They are bred and kept to increase the revenues of a country.  A zoo can be visited on one’s own accord.