Zydeco vs. Cajun Music

Difference Between Zydeco and Cajun Music

Zydeco and Cajun which are considered the root of American music involve the use of accordion. Accordion is a small wind instrument with keys. Evolved in Louisiana in 19th century, they are from French origin.

Roots of Zydeco are traced back to Cajun and Creole music. It has fast tempo and mostly involves the use of piano or accordion. It integrated different music genres like hip hop, reggae, soul and R&B and was mainly used for dances in social gatherings.

Cajun was first known in Louisiana and its roots can be traced in Acadians. It started as ballad and is influencing current pop music with its beat which is forward and aside from singer’s voice. The listeners hear the Cajun accordion which is played with single key by repeating the notes time and again to create lot of energy in the music.

If you find it difficult to understand the differences between the two music styles then you must consider following points:

  • Zydeco is considered to have evolved from Cajun.
  • Button accordion is used in Zydeco while Cajun accordion is used in Cajun.
  • Zydeco has its influence on hip hop, R&B, reggae and soul genre while Cajun has influence on pop music.
  • zydeco can use accordion in multiple keys while in Zydeco only single key is used.
  • Zydeco is made for social gatherings and dance halls while Cajun was ballad when it initiated.


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