1st Generation vs. 2nd Generation Intel Core Processors

Difference Between 1st Generation and 2nd Generation Intel Core Processors In 2010, the 1st generation of processors was…

Difference Between 1st Generation and 2nd Generation Intel Core Processors

In 2010, the 1st generation of processors was introduced. This generation included the Core13, eight Core i5’s, and five Core i7 models.  However, Intel’s second generation contains desktop processors, 29 new mobile processors; they were introduced in 2011. These processors were based on Intel’s Sandy Bridge architecture.

1st Generation Intel Core Processors

In 2010 Intel introduced their three models of Core I processor series. The Core i3 is the low end processor and the lowest. The desktop and mobile versions of these processors have dual core technology and Intel hyper-threading support. The Core i3 do not have the Intel turbo boost support. The Core i5 has both dual and quad processors and Core i5 comes with at least two of its processors the supports the Intel Turbo Boost, graphic designs and Hyper-Threading. The Core i7 are the most powerful processors. It has four processors that support Hyper Threading, and Turbo boost. The mobile C i7 processors have both quad and dual cores. The C i7 is the highest price and most costly processor in the Core family.

2nd Generation Intel Core Processors

The second generation of core processors by Intel was first introduced in 2011 and it contains about 29 mobile and desktop processors, which were manufactured by Sandy Bridge architecture.  This family of processors was based on the 32nm microarchitecture by Intel, and was the first to integrate the processor and memory controller graphics on the same die. The 2nd generation processors include video performing encoding hardware, and a Video HD and 3D stereoscopic content for TV viewing, and support of full streaming HD. The family of Cores contains 1 Core i7 extreme edition, 12 Core i7’s, 12 Core i5’s, 4 Core i3 processors, and several new graphic performance features.


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