7Up vs. Sprite – Difference Between 7Up and Sprite

Would you be able to tell the difference between 7-Up and Sprite? The most popular transparent soft drinks…

Would you be able to tell the difference between 7-Up and Sprite? The most popular transparent soft drinks on the market are 7-Up, produced by PepsiCo and Sprite, produced by CocaCola. There are a lot of similarities between the two drinks, but there are also differences. Most people cannot tell which is which when the two are served side by side in clear glasses, but there are those who really know their drinks and can tell the difference.


There is absolutely no difference in the taste of 7-Up and Sprite. Adults who have been drinking one of these soft drinks for years will tell you that there is a hint of lime in the taste of Sprite and that it tastes sweeter. They say that 7-Up has a lot of fizz and has a stronger taste.

If you let the drinks stand in the open both of them will go flat. However, 7-Up tastes better than Sprite when it is flat. This means that it has the contents of a can is more carbonated than Sprite. This is what makes 7-Up taste more bitter and harder to gulp than Sprite, which does go down quite smoothly.


Take a look at the ingredients in both soft drinks to learn more about how they are different. The ingredients that are common to both are carbonated water, natural flavors, high fructose corn syrup, and citric acid. 7-Up uses natural potassium citrate, but Sprite contains sodium citrate and sodium benzoate. These substances are essential to preserve the taste of the drinks. Essentially the main difference between 7-Up and Sprite lies in the type of salt each one contains. Sprite uses sodium salt and 7-Up uses potassium salt.

More about the differences

7-Up does not contain caffeine and is marketed by Dr. Pepper in the United States as the best non-caffeinated soft drink. In the rest of the world, this product is marketed under the Pepsi brand name. Sprite is also a non-caffeinated soda pop that has a lime taste and was developed by CocaCola as a direct competitor to 7-Up. Over the years it has built up a great following and is now the number one soft drink all over the world.

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