88 vs. 76 Keys Piano Keyboards – The Difference Between

You may not realize it but there are different types of pianos. One has 72 keys and the…

You may not realize it but there are different types of pianos. One has 72 keys and the other has 85 keys. It is not an easy task to learn to play this musical instrument, but with practice and patience you will be able to master it. Some people seem to have a knack for playing the piano and there are those who have actually taught themselves to play. But how do you know which keyboard size you should purchase?

The 76 key keyboard

A keyboard that has 76 keys has only 6 1/3 octaves. It does not have the lowest and highest octaves known as the bass and treble octaves. Most individuals do not even realize that with this type of keyboard that there are keys missing on both ends. You won’t have to worry about keys missing in the middle and actually those at either end are ones that you rarely use when playing because the notes are so low on the left and so high on the right. You can play ballads, pop, rock and roll and the blues music on this size of piano.

The 88 key keyboard

This size of keyboard has a full octave of keys over and above that of the 76 key type of keyboard meaning that it has 7 1/3 octaves. It is the type of piano that a master pianist would use, especially for playing pieces of classical music. It is more expensive that the smaller type and is not really essential when you want to learn how to play or if you want to play simply for your own enjoyment.


You can play all kinds of music on both types of keyboards, but the 88 key variety is more for professional pianists because of the larger number of octaves. However, if you just like playing the piano, the smaller variety is the best one for you. The keyboard with 88 keys is a lot more expensive.


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