a Basin vs. a Valley

Difference Between a Basin and a Valley The area that is crushed by a river and its tributaries…

Difference Between a Basin and a Valley

The area that is crushed by a river and its tributaries is called as River basin while a stumpy land surrounded by hills or mountains having a river or stream flowing down the bottom.


Basin is the land that falls into a river or stream. It is appealing to note that the area covering its highest point down to the bottom of the stream is considered as part of steam’s drainage.

Basin can also be called as a cut-off point. Generally, a river basin is that land which is drained by river and its tributaries. It can be seen that the streams down the hills flow and merge into one river and the rivers flow into the ocean which is the final destination.

A basin can be well-described by the flow of streams and creeks. The responsibility of a basin is to divert all the streams into the river whose final destination is the ocean.

It is interesting to know that, people lives in river basin because the water used by the people in their kitchens, bathroom, ponds and drainage water go in the river and finally to the ocean.

River basin plays a role like the veins in the body that connects different parts of body.


A valley on the other hand is a classic low land ultimately bordered by hills and mountains. It is interesting to note that presence of valleys is very much important to human life and plays a major role in assisting earth’s geological features.

Valleys can be classified on the basis of the process of their formation. During separation of an earth’s crust a rift valley is formed by violent tectonic movements. At time, a glacier can also create a valley called as glacier valley. River valleys are formed slowly due to the process of erosion.

Valleys are commonly large or broad in size. You would see that the climate of the valleys differ from the surrounding regions and are easy to plot.


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