A Closer Look at the Difference between the iPad and the iPod

With just the letters “a” and “o” literally spelling the difference, one can easily be confused as to…

With just the letters “a” and “o” literally spelling the difference, one can easily be confused as to whether to get an IPad or an iPod. For those who are technologically savvy, enumerating the differences between these two gadgets will be like reading a first grade book. Although both gadgets have taken the world by storm when they were released, it could still be difficult to decide whether it is better to buy an IPad or an iPod. Once the main differences are laid down, however, choosing the perfect gadget will be a lot easier.



The first difference lies in their processors. An iPod has a 400 to 600 MHz processor while an IPad runs on a 1 GHz processor. Screen resolution is also better in an IPad at 1024 by 768 pixels. For the iPod, the maximum screen resolution is 480 by 320 pixels. The iPod wins in terms of battery life at 30 hours because the battery life of an IPad is only up to 10 hours. Both runs on Apple Operating System, and has a port for the audio out and the dock connector. The iPad, however, has the ability to connect through a 3G or EDGE internet connection.



The IPad literally looks like an enlarged version of an iPod. iPods however come in different colors while the IPad only has a single available color, making each unit very similar to each other. Thus, when considering appearance, a buyer’s main consideration will be the purpose for buying the gadget and whether one wants a small or a big gadget. One should also consider that an iPod is generally bought for personal entertainment and connecting to the Internet. An IPad, on the other hand, is a cheap alternative to getting a tablet PC, thus more things, features and applications can be accessed by using an IPad.



With the more advanced features and better resolution and processor, it is obvious that the IPad will cost higher compared to an iPod. However, when one considers the limitless things that one can do with the IPad, cost becomes a very minor consideration. If one is working within a limited budget and aims to get a gadget to listen to music and occasionally play games and connect to the internet, iPod may be the better option. However, for buyers that would like to get value for money with enough funds to spare, IPad is the better choice.


Both the iPod and the IPad are manufactured by the same company. At first glance, the IPad may just look like a giant version of the iPod, but the improved features and added functionality makes it a must-have even for people who already bought themselves an iPod previously. On the outside, they may seem to have not much of a difference, but when it comes to blow by blow analysis of technical features and functionalities, the IPad definitely outweighs even the most recent version of the iPod. However, it would not hurt to be the owner of both gadgets.


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