Difference Between ABA and IBI ABA and IBI often interpreted to be the same. However they are not…

Difference Between ABA and IBI

ABA and IBI often interpreted to be the same. However they are not really the same. IBI and ABA are two acronyms that are related closely. IBI is nothing but an acronym for Intensive Behavioral Intervention; ABA is Applied Behavior Analysis As far as behavioral abnormalities cases are concerned both ABA and IBI are treated with maximum importance.

One of the main differences between the two is that ABA is a teaching method. It is a scientific art of cautiously using tested behaviors to bring in (positive) behavioral change for a person who has (abnormal) behavior. One frequently found example is the manner that is seen among the patients who exhibit autism. ABA is used by both teachers and educators in these cases. ABA is specifically used as a mode of teaching in a school meant for autistic children.

The ABA is important as it conveys to the students a broader understanding of his or her behavior substantially, even to the point of sharpening new- fangled skills that brings in a change in the patient’s general manners.

IBI on the other hand, is the technology that the specifically skilled therapists use. IBI that runs through 20 to 40 hours per week of IBI therapy is quite intensive in nature. In majority of the cases, a team of helpers are out there who are monitored by qualified psychologists. The IBI; done at preliminary stages of autism is believed to be the most effective. In between the ages of 2-15 autistic children are exposed to IBI in three different environments that include home, school, and community. Model programs that are made in the last two environments include behavioral consultation, training of parents, community support, and one on one intervention etc.

Because the terms IBI and ABA are related, some methods based on the hypothesis of the ABA are reflected by IBI. However the ABA is a science in itself involving the use of positive back up. Those who manifest positive behavior are rewarded. If a praiseworthy behavior goes unrewarded, it will just fade away with time.


1.     ABA can be regarded as a broad science that the teachers use in case of autistic patients and IBI is a special treatment that only utilizes the theories of Applied Behavioral Analysis.

2.     Teachers and educators make the use of ABA quite often while it is the psychologists and therapists who perform IBI.

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