Abrasion vs. Laceration

Difference Between Abrasion and Laceration Are you aware of the fact that our skin forms the largest organ…

Difference Between Abrasion and Laceration

Are you aware of the fact that our skin forms the largest organ of our body? Yes, without a doubt, the skin covers the most surface area and covers most of the human body in appearance. By having several layers, namely dermis, epidermis and Sub-cutis, the skin performs the function of primary defense of the body against diseases and physical injuries and trauma. In this regard, when the skin is injured or it can become lacerated or abraded.

Depending on the degree or depth of the wound, abrasion and laceration are just two of several types of injuries including puncture, avulsion and slit wounds. Abrasion is a type of milder injury than laceration because it requires only Scrapings far from a certain region of the integument. Thus, it is a most superficial (most superficial) type of injury. Lacerations, however, are deeper wounds. These are full thickness wounds by which the whole skin is penetrated by a ragged edge like a broken piece of glass or bottle. There is blunt trauma involved.

If the degree of penetration is considered, abrasions are only till the epidermal layer of skin. Because there is a form of skin Scrapings involved, the skin becomes a bit brutal when touched, reddish and warmer because of the immediate inflammation involved. Abrasions often come from activities that involve a lot of rubbing or frictional forces as in the case of an athlete rubbing the skin of his arms on the surface of a wall cemented rough.

In other aspects, an abrasion may also involve (not just the skin), but the eyes. Corneal abrasions occur when the cornea of ​​the eye (the structure covering the iris) is removed by scraping.

Lacerations may occur much deeper, reaching the fat layers and even the muscles beneath it. The area usually pays a lacerated blood also because the skin is literally open.

Because of the nature of the injury, abrasions obviously take less time to heal. With the current available antibiotics, any infection is unduly expelled, leaving the skin healed in a matter of days. Treatment as well as healing procedures for laceration is quite a complicated thing as it requires making a suture or taking injections of or oral antibiotics. In the end, the lacerations have the highest tendency to leave permanent scars compared with abrasions.

1. The abrasions are injuries compared with laceration simpler (more serious).

2. Lacerations heal slower than abrasions.

3. There is no bleeding in case of lacerations unlike lacerations.

4. Skin abrasions hurt epidermis only the difference lacerations that can reach the lowest layers of the skin.

5.  Lacerations end up leaving scars unlike Abrasions.







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