Acne vs. Pimples – The Difference Between

How are acne and pimples different? Acne and pimples affect the condition of the skin and often cause…

How are acne and pimples different?

Acne and pimples affect the condition of the skin and often cause embarrassing moments for those who have either one of them. It is mostly teenagers who are affected by acne as their hormones fluctuate during puberty. Scaly red skin is usually the first sign of acne and as sebum starts to build up in the sebaceous glands under the skin, nodules or pimples develop on the outside of the skin. Sometimes bacteria can worsen the condition because the acne becomes infected.

Most of the time acne clears up without any treatment. If treatment is needed, it is in the form of cream. Retinoic acids, which contain Vitamin A, is one of the best treatments to use. There are ways in which teenagers can prevent the onset of acne – keeping the skin clean and watching their diet. Foods that are high in calories make acne worse.

Pimples are a form of acne. The skin secretes oil, called sebum, and this collects under the skin. An accumulation of sebum in one place results in an elevation of the skin and may have a black or white tip. Pimples usually form when the glands that secrete sebum become blocked or when the build-up of the sebum clogs the pores in the skin. Bacteria can also infect pimples making them red and sore. This skin condition rarely requires medical treatment, but when it does reach this point, Retinoic acids are the best ones to use.

Acne and pimples are more common in young girls as the production of androgen increases in the body. There are anti-androgen treatments available but they should only be administered by a dermatologist. It is harder to treat acne and pimples with this treatment if the patient is pregnant because the medications can be harmful to the unborn baby.


  1. Acne and pimples are very similar and actually pimples are a form of acne. The condition usually affects teenagers.
  2. Neither of the conditions is life-threatening, but acne can be more severe than pimples.
  3. If you keep your skin clean you can reduce the effects of acne and pimples.
  4. Both conditions cause the patient stress because they are embarrassed about having acne or pimples.


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