Act vs. Regulation

Difference Between Act and Regulation Almost every country has a body that takes care of the legislature and…

Difference Between Act and Regulation

Almost every country has a body that takes care of the legislature and they make the laws that the citizens are to abide by. If they do not do so they face punishment. These two terms act and regulation are two words related law and we keep hearing them in the tabloids and news bulletins daily. So frequent is their use that people have huge confusions about them. Contradicting the popular belief that these two terms are interchangeable, let us have an idea about the aspects that make them stand apart.

The term legislation concerns any action of the parliament and secondary legislation that has been chosen under acts of parliament. People who make the laws are the members of the Parliament and are called the legislators These legislators- no matter which party they belong to- are the ones who constitute the legislative body that makes law.

An act may be defined as a Bill that is born under the actions of the parliament under Presidential confirmation. It a public document and since it is applicable to all the citizens and people feel they have a right to know. So these documents are accessible for everyone. An Act contains the statements that contain the terms and conditions and the rules that are concerned with the policy that has been formulated. An Act in a very important document and it deals with National issues.

Regulations can be called a those subsidiary legislation that are allied with almost every Act- which has a terminal section having universal rules about the act will be applied in diverse situations. Regulations have detailed information about an Act and they abide by the rules that are set by the Act. People can follow the regulations so that they can understand and follow the Act properly.


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