Addiction vs. Habit

Difference Between Addiction and Habit Addiction and habit may mean the same to some and cause confusion among…

Difference Between Addiction and Habit

Addiction and habit may mean the same to some and cause confusion among others, but their difference is actually quite obvious. Habit is related to psychology and it may, in certain situations, give rise to addiction. Habit’s dictionary meaning states that it is a pattern of behavior acquired and often occurs instantly. It is the automatic response to something that has been repeatedly done for a long time. People tend to do an action in the same manner all of the time.

Addiction, however, is a more severe chronic brain disease that tends to relapse. It is said that addiction alters a person’s brain through the repeated execution of a certain action. It affects the decision-making, memory and learning, and even the person’s behavior. Addicts find it hard to live life if the action they are addicted to is not constantly repeated.

Habit results from mere mental action, while addiction severely affects mental stability. A very common example of addiction is the destructive regular intake of illegal drugs. An addict’s mind has difficulty maintaining a stable mind if he stops taking drugs. Habit is not necessarily dangerous, but addiction obviously leads to a dangerous and destructive life.

As mentioned, one major difference between addiction and habit is the damage and danger involved. Habit often brings none, while addiction’s destructive nature causes a lot of damage. Once a person becomes an addict, he will have to undergo psychiatric counseling in order to get over his addiction. A habit, even if some become quite troublesome sometimes, need not involve any counseling. You will just have to change it yourself through regular practice. Habits form from various factors; the people we meet, our experiences in life and our past decisions. We ourselves have the power to get over or change our habits, while addiction requires the help of certified psychiatrists

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