Addon Domain vs. Parked Domain – The Difference Between

The difference between parked domain and addon domain Two of the commonly used terms associated with web hosting…

The difference between parked domain and addon domain

Two of the commonly used terms associated with web hosting are parked domain and addon domain. Anyone who is accustomed to doing business online and has one or more website will be well acquainted with these terms. If you have a product or service to see, the virtual marketplaces on the Internet allow you to do business with customers all over the world. A web hosting service is essential for a website to be live online and with this you do have the advantage of being able to choose various features to use. Addon and parked domains are two of these features and each of these has its own set of features.

What is an addon domain?

Website owners are always on the lookout for addon domains. It is like having a separate website because it is linked to your main site. It doesn’t need a domain name and it has unique content that can be different from what you post on the main website. It will have a name that is similar to but you don’t have to purchase a domain name in order to be able to have it hosted on the Internet.

In some ways, an addon domain is similar to virtualization because it is hosted on the same account as the main website. This is an add on and as such is a sub-domain of the main site.

What is a parked domain?

A parked domain is an arrangement whereby you can have several domains that all link back to your main site. It provides you with exceptional visibility online. It just points a sub-domain name to your main domain name of your primary account. However, it is not a unique website on its own in the same way that an addon domain is. The purpose of a parked domain is that you have a place to put it when you don’t have a website for that domain right now. It can also be very useful when you have several domains that link back to the main website.


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