Adenoids vs. Tonsils

Difference Between Adenoids and Tonsils The body is an amazing system with almost all parts having a special…

Difference Between Adenoids and Tonsils

The body is an amazing system with almost all parts having a special role in our health and normal function. It is said that the human body possesses the right things and is a complex machine. The body is designed so that everything seems to have a special role. And some claim that every organ and cell function as one, to ensure that we are constantly in a state of relaxation and protected against any invading organisms. Yet there are still some things the body does not contain.

Moreover, our body acts as a firewall with lots of defenses restricting organisms to enter. There are three major  stages of defense mechanism in our body. They are the first line of defense, the second line of defense, and the defense at cell level. But in connection with this discussion, I will only address the first line of defense, which means adenoids and tonsils.

The adenoids are located above the soft palate, near the high end of the roof of the mouth and nose area. These are small glandular organ system that filters any foreign organisms or bacteria that enters through the nose or mouth. They are part of the main protection of our immune system that constantly works to remove as many organisms as possible.

Tonsils work in the same way with our adenoids. They are considered as the main defense to organisms that pass adenoids or bacteria that gets to enter through mouth. The difference between them lies in their position, tonsils located on either side of the neck.

You can read more about this subject, only the simplest information is given here

Summary :.


Our immune system works constantly to protect us from harm and to maintain our health.


Tonsils located on either side of the neck like spring , which helps filter foreign bacteria and viruses into the body.



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