Difference Between ADN And BSN Many a times, people get confused with the meaning of ADN and BSN.…

Difference Between ADN And BSN

Many a times, people get confused with the meaning of ADN and BSN. BSN refers to the bachelor’s degree in the field of nursing, while ADN refers to Associate degree in the field of nursing. The these two degrees is the same but there do remain some aspects that are different in the two.

The first difference lies in the time span required for the completion of the two degrees. ADN gets completed in about two years while BSN takes four years for completion. Due to this reason the future as well as the employment aspects is higher for an individual who has opted for BSN as it teaches in a much detailed manner, the theoretical, in depth and technical aspects required for being a proper nurse.

The fields such as Psychiatry, Adult health, Child health, maternal health, Gerontology, Community health etc. is common to both. Most of the hospitals prefer a BSN graduate candidate to ADN candidate. So this implies to the fact that BSN candidates have much better and higher earning options as compared to ADN candidates. A study was conducted in the year 2006 and it showed that the BSN graduate’s annual salary is around $75000 and that of an ADN candidate is $70000.

ADN is much cheaper as compared to BSN due to the lesser duration of the course. After achieving the BSN degree one has an option of specialization in one’s chosen field. However, the percentage of employment of ADN and BSN candidates varies from region to region and its requirement.


  1. And is of two year while BSN is for 4 years
  2. BSN candidates have much higher paid employment options than BSN candidates.
  3. And is much more cheaper than BSN.


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