Agnostic Vs. Atheist

Difference Between Agnostic And Atheist Man started out as a very basic being only wanting to exist. It…

Difference Between Agnostic And Atheist

Man started out as a very basic being only wanting to exist. It just never needed him to be a creature who asks questions like why the sky turned black and bright and black again. It was only about searching for his next meal and existing in general what mattered for the early man. But slowly, with time, as groups formed societies, rituals and traditions created cultures, people progressively began approaching the most important question of “where did it all begin from?”. Much to the amazement, the primary nature of this question is such that nearly every single human being has since then, indulged in this conversation at some point or the other in their lives. Though, it cannot be said with surety that the quality of the discussions has improved with time. Despite all the efforts, to come to a common conclusion, one is definitely likely to discover a large number of views, counter opinions, and counter-counter views and so on. Based on every individual’s vision and thinking, people can be separated into various schools of thought. The two such groups are Agnostics and the Atheists. The Compact Oxford English Dictionary describes that an agnostic is a person who is of the opinion that nothing can be known, regarding the reality of God.  While on the other hand, an atheist, is a person who does not believe in the existence of  God at all.

On one hand, on earth, an agnostic does not totally scrapes the thought of the survival of a god or a ‘higher power’, but simply declares that a hunt for the same is a wasteful exercise, something which will provide zero results whatsoever.

And on the other, we all know that Science has continuously progressed from allowing us to move ahead from the idea of atoms being the most basic particles, to offering us evidence of the subsistence of minute. But let us think a little more. Can still more fundamental things form these particles come out? If yes, when is its end destined? The agnostic has exactly this to say – reaching the absolute base may never happen.

An atheist on the other hand disperses the very existence of god. He does not believing in the existence of a higher power is not his cup of tea. Often, such people refuse the thought of god as professed by common people in general. Hence, an atheist takes a more hard-line view on the complete topic.

The beauty of the topic is that there is something in common in both types of views. – A lack of strong proof to support the existence of a higher power.


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