Aim vs. Goal

Difference Between Aim and Goal The words ‘aim’ and ‘goal’ are the two English words which are often…

Difference Between Aim and Goal

The words ‘aim’ and ‘goal’ are the two English words which are often confused with each other. Generally people consider them synonyms. But their meanings are very different from each other.

‘Aim’ refers to ‘a target’ one strives to achieve. ‘Goal’ is the final dream one wants to fulfill. Goal is final and one while ‘aims’ may be many. To achieve a goal, one may have to achieve many aims. For example a student aims at getting admission to a reputed engineer college to achieve the goal of becoming an engineer. Goals are long cherished dreams. Generally, goals are set in childhood. They may be inspired by motivation. For example, parents motivate children to achieve a high position.

An aim is a target for which you work or perform. On the other hand a goal is the ultimate dream of your life. You work to get the dream of your goal fulfilled. On the other hand you would try hard to reach the target called the aim of your life. For example your aim is to get admission into the college of business administration. Your goal of life is to become a great businessman.

Before achieving a goal one achieves many small aims until the final goal is reached. Thus goal is broad and unique in someone’s life while aims are small steps in the way of achieving the final goal. Goal remains permanent while aim stops after it has been achieved by a person.

For example, a boy wants to become a doctor. His first aim would be to complete his schooling. Second aim would be to get admission in a medical college, and the last aim would be to pass the medical course. After achieving a degree, the final goal would be achieved and he would not do any further efforts. This is the main difference between the two.


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