Air India vs. Indian Airlines – The Difference Between

How Air India and Indian Airlines differ from each other The two national airlines of India are Air…

How Air India and Indian Airlines differ from each other

The two national airlines of India are Air India and Indian Airlines. They differ primarily in the type of service they offer, but there are other differences that may not be as apparent to the passengers.

About Indian Airlines

The head office of Indian Airlines is located in Mumbai. Although it concentrates on domestic flights, it does offer some flights to important Asian cities. It also has secondary hubs at Chennai International Airport and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Calcutta. This airline is relatively new having been founded in 1953.

The Civil Aviation Ministry is the governing body for this airline. It is owned by the Indian government and there are no private investors. The color of the aircraft was white and the belly of the plane was light metallic grey. The government released a new insignia for the aircraft in 2007.

The slogan of Indian Airlines is “Have you tried the new Air India?” Its subsidiary company is Air India Regional.

About Air India

Air India is the oldest and the largest airline in the country. It was founded in 1922 and is owned by the National Aviation Company of India Limited. The airline focuses on international routes and does fly to cities in North America, Europe and Asia. It does also offer domestic service with two domestic hubs. One of these is located at the Indira Gandhi International Airport and the Chhatrapathi Shivaji International Airport.

The slogan of the Air India airline is “Your Palace in the Sky.” It has three subsidiary companies – Air India Cargo, Air India Express, and Indian.


  1. Indian Airlines concentrates on domestic flights. Air India concentrates on International flights.
  2. Even though it is mainly a domestic airline, Indian Airlines does have flights to some of the larger cities in Asia.
  3. Air India Regional is a subsidiary of Indian Airlines.
  4. Air India Cargo, Air India Express and Indian are the subsidiaries of Air India.
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