Airtel Live vs. GPRS – The Difference Between

The difference between Airtel Live and GPRS As one of the largest cell phone service providers in India,…

The difference between Airtel Live and GPRS

As one of the largest cell phone service providers in India, Airtel provides its customers with Internet service on their handsets. Airtel is the main company and it offers two distinct services – Airtel Live and GPRS.

Airtel Live

Airtel Live allows subscribers to browse the Internet on a limited basis. It offers only a few text based WAP sites. Even with the cell phones that have low technology services, users can still access the Internet.

Airtel is part of GPRS service and provides three types of service:

  • Airtel Live
  • Airtel NOP
  • Airtel Mobile Office

Airtel Live is free of charge in a sense that subscribers will not receive a monthly statement. However, they do pay for access to the Internet. Some users have found out the hard way that this quickly adds up. When they activated their phones for the first time, they went crazy downloading games, wall papers, photos and music only to receive a huge bill at the end of the month.

All you have to do to activate Airtel Live is to send a message to the company. You are able to chat with friends, send text messages, add content to a blog and check your email.


Airtel Live is part of the larger GPRS service. One of the services is NOP, which means Net on Phone. You can use the browsing service for Rs 5 per day. You also have the option of paying a monthly subscription fee of Rs 99 per month. When you pay monthly you don’t have to pay for browsing the Internet and you can access free sites to download free games and other freebies. The speed at which you can do this is extremely fast.

Airtel Mobile Office is another of the GPRS services that Airtel offers. This one is more expensive at Rs 15 per day. With this service, users are able to use their cell phone as an Internet modem.

The difference between Airtel Live and GPRS

  1. Both Airtel Live and GPRS are Internet based cell phone services, Airtel is only a part of GPRS.
  2. Airtel is free, but GPRS is not.
  3. Airtel offers limited Internet service, but GPRS offers unlimited Internet service.
  4. GPRS users can use the phone as an Internet modem.
  5. It is very easy to activate Airtel Live


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