Akbar vs. Shahjahan

Difference Between Akbar and Shahjahan There is a heirarhy in Mughal empire in India. Akbar and Shahjahan belong…

Difference Between Akbar and Shahjahan

There is a heirarhy in Mughal empire in India. Akbar and Shahjahan belong to that heirarhy of emperors. They both are known for different works in different fields. Akbar was the third mughal empire in India while Sahajahan was fith one. Sahajahan was the son on of Jahangir who himself was the son of Akbar the Great as he is commonly known. In this way Akbar was the grandfather of Sahajahan.

Akbar ruled from 1556 to 1605 AD. He ruled over India longest period (50 years) of time as compared to other Mughal emperors. Shahjahan was coronated in 1628.

Art and culture in India got a great influence from Akbar’s reign. Akbar was specially interested in the art of painting got the mural painted on the walls at his palaces. He had mixed influence of both Mughal as well as European painting.

Shahjahan’s reign is considered to be the golden age of the Mughal architecture. He got a large number of monuments constructed in and around Agra and Delhi, inluding the wonder of the world ‘The Taj Mahal’. He built it in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj. He got a few more monuments constructed such as the Red Fort and the Jama Masjid both in Delhi. Akbar’s most important political achievement is that he could develop a diplomacy with the Rajputs by marrying a Rajput princess. By doing so he could become more powerful. On the contarary, Sahjahan’s enmity with Rajputs is well known. He could not reach an understanding with them. He captured a few of their regions. Shahjahan faced many troubles at terbulations in his reign. There were recurring islamic rebellion. There was Portugese attac. Finally his own son Aurangjeb put him in confinement and captured the empire.

Shahjahan raise a huge army. It was four time larger than the army of Akbar. It was because there were not many rebellions during Akbar’s time. Akbar was a great lover of literature. His court poet Abul Fuzel wrote about his life in ‘Akbarnama’. Akbar respected all religions. Therefore he started his own religion ‘din-e-ilahi’, meaning all religions. He got the sanskrit scriptures translated into Persian. On the other hand Shahjahan was a lover architect. In his reign Mughal art and sculpture reached its highest point.

Akbar had three sons, Jahangir or Salim,Danyal and Murad while Shahjahan had four sons, Aurangzeb, Dara Shikoh, Murad Baksh and Shah Shuja. Auranzep killed Dara and arrested Shahjahan to capture the Moghul empire.


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