Allah vs. Jesus – The Differences Between them

Differences between Allah and Jesus Every religion has its higher authority to which the followers pay homage and…

Differences between Allah and Jesus

Every religion has its higher authority to which the followers pay homage and worship. In Christianity, Jesus Christ is this higher authority and in the Muslim religion it is Allah.


Jesus Christ is the fundamental figure in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. He was the Son of God born to Mary of Nazareth. He spent his life preaching about God and inspiring people to follow his ways and believe. He had twelve main followers, called disciples, who carried out his work. He disagreed with the Jewish leaders and was crucified because he would not say that he was not the Son of God. Christians believe that when he died, God rose him from the dead and that he ascended into heaven. His basic teaching was that all people should love one another.

In the Old Testament of the Bible, the Jewish people waited for a promised Messiah to help them overcome their problems. Jesus is accepted by Christians as being the Messiah in the New Testament, but those who follow Judaism do not believe that he was this Messiah. The name Jesus is a word from the Latin language. The word Messiah has the connotation of being a king and such a person has the approval of God.


In the Muslim faith, Allah is the name that is given to God. The followers believe that there is only one God and that is Allah, who is unique. They believe that Allah created the universe and that he is all-knowing. The term comes from the Arabic people of pre-Islamic times and was used by them to refer to the creator of the universe. It means deity and in the Muslim religion, Allah is the Supreme Being. It is the correct name for God who also stands in judgment of mankind.

One of the chief differences between Jesus and Allah is that Jesus is seen as a man and has a form. Allah does not have a form.

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