Alloy vs. Aluminum

Difference Between Alloy and Aluminum Aluminum is a metal of silvery white color. It is found in great…

Difference Between Alloy and Aluminum

Aluminum is a metal of silvery white color. It is found in great quantity in earth’s crust. It comprises only 8% of earth’s crust. It is not found naturally because it is highly reactive element. It is found present in almost 270 minerals. Its main ore bauxite is mined from the great depth of the earth’s crust. On the other hand, alloy is made up of two or more metals. It is generally very hard substance. Its constituent elements do not react with each other. Therefore, it is not a compound as the elements in the alloy remain separate. That is why we see that an alloy has altogether different physical properties from the elements it has been made up of.

Aluminum has low tensile strength. That is why it is not considered as of much use in its pure form. But when mixed with other metals, it becomes remarkably useful. An alloy of aluminum is very light in weight and soft. Therefore it is used in a large number of products such aircrafts.

We are surrounded by a large number of products made up of aluminum. But they are not pure aluminum. Actually, they are made up of alloys of aluminum.  Alloy of aluminum is used in industries due to its remarkable properties. The important thing is that an alloy of aluminum is light as well as powerful. This quality makes it useful and is used in transportation, constructions, electricity cables, packing etc. Some countries use aluminum alloys in making coins.

Material used in making aluminum alloy is generally copper, zinc, manganese and magnesium. Silicon and Iron are always found in aluminum alloy in its impure form. There are two types of aluminum alloys- casting alloys and wrought alloys. These two types of alloys are used in industries.


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