Almanac vs. Atlas – The Difference Between

An overview of the difference between an almanac and an atlas There are all kinds of reference books…

An overview of the difference between an almanac and an atlas

There are all kinds of reference books that provide brief chunks of information on a wide variety of subjects. An almanac and an atlas are just two of these and some people think they refer to the same type of book and material. However, they are entirely different from each other.

If you are looking for information about the demographics, weather statistics or forecasts, planting times for a region or information about tides, then you would consult an almanac. This list is just a sampling of the type of information you would find in this type of book, which is published every year and is specific to a certain area or country.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a map or driving directions, you would consult an atlas. An atlas is a collection of maps. It can contain the maps of all the countries of the world, but they will be very tiny and hard to use for specific details. There are atlases of individual countries and of the provinces, states and regions of a country. You can also get an atlas of the solar system.

You can easily find several different versions of almanacs and atlases in bookstores, libraries and online. The origin of the word “almanac” is Spanish – Arabic and it was used to refer to astronomical tables. “Atlas” is a word that comes from Greek mythology. He is the figure that is most often shown as being the carrier of a large sphere, which he holds on his shoulder.


An almanac is published on an annual basis. It contains very specific details about high and low tides, astronomical data, best times for planting in different areas, tips about agriculture, weather forecasts and details about recent historical events. All the details in an almanac are arranged month by month and day by day within each month. The arrangement of the contents is very chronological.


An atlas provides information about geographical regions and countries of the world. If you want to find information about the political borders of countries, then an atlas is where you will find what you need. It also provides data on economic statistics, and the social and sociopolitical configuration of countries and regions. In some atlases you can also find very specific details about the solar system.

An atlas is not an annual publication. In fact, the publication is very irregular. There are also two published formats – digital and book format. Even though there a digital format of an atlas is interactive, the book format is the most popular.

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