AM vs. FM

Difference Between AM and FM We hear the terms AM and FM very often, when we listen to…

Difference Between AM and FM

We hear the terms AM and FM very often, when we listen to radio. Have you ever though what they stand for and what do they mean? AM and FM are channels of radio waves through which information is sent from transmitter to the receiver. We often observe that the sound of FM channel is more clear than the sound of AM channel.

See what they stand for. AM stands for Amplitude modulation and FM stands for Frequency Modulation. You may ask what the modulation means. Modulation is the modification of the frequency so that it may become suitable for the information. In AM amplitude is modified while in FM frequency is modified.

AM has been there in the field of radio broadcasting much before the advent of FM. Some of the drawbacks of AM are explained by this fact. It is greatly affected by weather conditions. But FM has no disturbing effects of weather at all. FM signal can go to longer distances and is clearer than the AM waves. That is why FM is more suitable for listening to music broadcasts.

Technology involved in AM is simple one. As a result it became very popular when it was invented. There was a time when everybody has a radio as a mean of entertainment and information. Millions of people in the world were fascinated by the radio. But AM as a means of radio wave was not perfectly suitable. The sound carried by AM can get easily disturbed in bad weathers. It produces noise. AM provides single audio channel. As a result no stereo sound may be broadcast through AM. People got fed up with AM sound on Radio. But the radio as a mean of entertainment and information revived as soon as the FM came.

FM as a radio channel has many advantages even though this technology is more complex. It allows left and right audio channels and it provides stereo sound to the listener. Through FM, it is possible to send information using advanced algorithms.

But there are some advantages of AM frequency. With the help of AM broadcasting over longer distances is possible. FM is clearer than AM over short distances. As a result too many FM stations are needed in a big geographical area.


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