American Cheese vs. Swiss Cheese – The Difference Between

How are American Cheese and Swiss Cheese different from each other? Two of the most popular cheeses in…

How are American Cheese and Swiss Cheese different from each other?

Two of the most popular cheeses in the world are American Cheese and Swiss Cheese. They taste great on their own or when used as an ingredient in a recipe to make another kind of food. It does have a great impact on the taste of the food in which it is used.

American Cheese

Even though it meets the criteria of the legal definition of cheese, there are those who claim that American cheese really isn’t cheese at all. This is why it is labeled as processed cheese or a cheese product. It is made from a blend of milk, whey, milk fats and a variety of solids. The taste of this cheese is quite mild. It melts very easily and does not have a firm consistency. There are various colors of American cheese – orange, yellow, and white. This is the kind of cheese that is generally used for such foods as macaroni and cheese and cheeseburgers.

Swiss Cheese

Cheeses that come from Switzerland and that are similar to Swiss Emmental are given the name of Swiss Cheese. It is easy to recognize this type of cheese because it contains holes. However, the proper name for these holes is “eyes”.

Swiss Cheese is not processed in any way. The ingredients used to make it are fresh milk and fresh yogurt. It also contains bacteria and this adds to the taste, which is rich, spicy and hot. However, it is not sharp enough to take away from being used in fine cuisine.

Difference between American and Swiss Cheese

American Cheese is not natural cheese and because of the ingredients it is a cheese product. Swiss cheese is real cheese and contains only natural ingredients and bacteria. Both are used individually and as part of recipes. However, American Cheese has a much milder taste than Swiss Cheese, which does have a strong and spicy taste. American Cheese melts very easily, but Swiss Cheese is healthier for you.

Many menus include cheese as one of the ingredients and its popularity has really influenced the development of many new dishes. People do have preferences of one cheese over the other and some people do combine them with weird choices because they do add so much to the taste of food.


  1. Swiss Cheese is made from natural ingredients, but American Cheese is processed cheese.
  2. American Cheese tastes very mild and melts easily. Swiss Cheese has a hot and spicy taste.
  3. Swiss Cheese has holes called eyes in it. It is also healthier for you than American Cheese.
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