American Strat vs. Mexican Strat – The Difference Between

How is the American Strat different from the Mexican Strat? A strat is a guitar. Actually it is…

How is the American Strat different from the Mexican Strat?

A strat is a guitar. Actually it is the short form of the word Stratocaster, which means guitar. And it is an electric guitar. While the American and the Mexican Strats are both guitars, they are different musical instruments.

An American Strat is made from different wood than the Mexican Strat. This is the primary difference between the two. The wood used to make the American Strat is of a far superior quality than that of the Mexican Strat. Ash, polar and alder are used to make the body of the instrument and maple and rosewood are the choices for the fret board. Mexican Strats are made mainly from alder.

Another difference in these two electric guitars is the number of pieces of wood that are used in the manufacturing process. The American Strat uses three pieces of wood while the Mexican Strat is made from five pieces of wood.

The difference in the type of wood and the number of pieces used to make the strats has another effect on them, which in turn produces another difference – that of the quality of the sound. The American Strat has a much better sound.

There is one fret less on the Mexican Strat. The American model has 22 frets and the Mexican model has 21 frets. When one is playing the American Strat, imperial measurements are to be used. However, one has to use metric measurements when playing the Mexican Strat.

There is a bridge on the American model that is very difficult to replace when it gets broken. This is not a problem with the Mexican model because the bridge is very easy to replace. You do have to be very careful when you are handling an American Strat.

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