American Tango vs. Argentine Tango – The Difference Between

The difference between American Tango and Argentine Tango Although the dance style known as the Tango originated in…

The difference between American Tango and Argentine Tango

Although the dance style known as the Tango originated in the Rio de la Plato region of Argentina, it has been adapted by many countries of the world. Thus we have the Finnish Tango, the ballroom tango and many others. Two of the most popular are the American Tango and the Argentine Tango. The Argentine Tango is considered to be the most unique because it is the original form of the dance.

There are many differences between the American and Argentine versions of the Tango. The Argentine version more of a spot dance than the American style. It also uses soft music, whereas hard music is the choice of the American Tango.

One of the pronounced differences between the two styles is the movement of the body. In the American Tango the style is more similar to that of ballroom dancing and almost all of the body moves in the dance routine. Argentine Tango, on the other hand, involves mainly toe and foot movements and the dancers are very close to one another. It seems as if the hips and legs of the two dancers are joined because the movements are so simultaneous. These differences add to the idea that American Tango is formal dancing and the Argentine Tango is more informal.

Features of the American Tango

There is very little close contact between the dancers. They are close together at the waist level, but the legs are not intertwined and in fact the legs of the dancers do not come into contact at all. At the close of the dance, they do come in close contact with the legs and the hips, but not in the region of the upper body. The dancers do not lift their legs in the air and instead keep their feet on the floor.

Features of the Argentine Tango

The dancers are intertwined as they dance on the floor in this style of the Tango, especially with the legs. The upper part of the body is also in close contact throughout the routine. At the close of the dance, the two are much closer in their upper bodies than in the legs. During the dance, they often lift their legs high into the air and sometimes hook them around the legs of their partner.

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