American vs. Swiss vs. Cheddar Cheese – The Difference Between Cheeses

Perhaps one of the most loved food and therefore most included in every individual’s daily meal is cheese.…

Perhaps one of the most loved food and therefore most included in every individual’s daily meal is cheese. We eat it in pizza, with bread or even when on a diet, people love to pair it with some crackers. Indeed, it is official. Humans love cheese! And probably for a good reason as it is rich in nutritional content and mainly on calcium. As such, cheese feuds have been waging on for a long time now. The top contenders for today are American, Swiss and Cheddar cheese.  Let’s get the cheese war on.

Humble Beginnings

Each ball, slice or block of cheese has unique taste that came from different land. American cheese obviously came from the U.S. and Swiss cheese from Switzerland. As for Cheddar, it is also named for a small place in U.K. Of all these three, the most adapted one is Cheddar as various producers have set up shop all across the globe from various European countries and further to North America as well as Australia. However, it is most likely that the cheddar cheese you are buying off groceries have been refined in a different way than the original.

Individual Cheese Concoction

Everyone knows that the reason why cheeses have diverse taste despite of it undergoing the same process is the fact that the ingredients primarily the milk used are different. American cheese gets it special flavor from the mixture of milk which usually is that of cow’s, whey, milk fat and milk fat protein. While those may be simple enough to follow, the process of creating Swiss cheese is a little similar with the addition of two types of bacteria and various cultures to produce the special tang. As for Cheddar cheese, its creation has greatly evolved and varied but in essence still requires boiling curd to a certain temperature until it forms blocks that can be cut and be dried off the whey. After this, the step that follows is storing away over a period of time for the taste to mature into the unequal flavor of Cheddar cheese.

People’s Choice Award

So which type of cheese do people favor? It is hard to tell of course as it as a battle of patriotic support for their cheese. U.S. and Canada are all behind the choice of American cheese as their ingredient in cheese burgers, mac & cheese and other popular dishes in their region. As for Cheddar, you have to admit that it is dominating not only in its home of U.K. but also all across the world being blended with soufflé, soups and bread. Though the scale is much closer to that of Cheddar, Swiss cheese is a middle choice for most people as part of their burgers and sandwiches.

Cheesy Finale

You can never have too much of cheese. It is only one of the rare foods that have full nutritional value and satisfactory taste at the same time.

  • The names are exactly what they imply or where they came from with Cheddar cheese being the only different reference to the originating town and not the country of U.K.
  • Enjoy homemade American and Swiss cheese with easy to follow instructions for creating them. However, there is no denying that a different level of expertise is required for making Cheddar cheese.

The final fact is that all three are tough competitors in the cheese industry and remain the favorite ingredient, snack or flavor worldwide.

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