Difference between AMIE and BE AMIE and BE, both are a type of engineering education. BE is a…

Difference between AMIE and BE

AMIE and BE, both are a type of engineering education. BE is a 4 year degree course which stands for bachelor of Engineering. In a college, there is an undergraduate course after 4 years study of various branch of engineering. At the same, the Institution of Engineers provides the students with a professional certificate. It is known as Associate Member of Indian Institution of Engineers which is earned after on qualifying an exam conducted by IE which consists section A including project-work and section B. AMIE, awarded by IE to the students for practical problems is being considered same as BE for performing in graduate level examination that is held for employment purposes.

Hence, AIME and BE both are the same when taking into consideration, employment opportunities in government organizations. Also, some private companies prefer BE holders for selection in the organizations.

The intention of setting up IE in 1920 in Calcutta was to cover the way for non formal education in engineering as there are peoples who can’t get the degree from various engineering colleges. Due to equivalent in value, those who qualify IE examination get AMIE professional degree to be eligible for employment in various organizations. There are two sections for qualifying exam namely; Section A which is common test for all and the other one is Section B, which includes the subject chosen by the candidate. Hence, AMIE degree has equal value to that of BE which a student gets on completing 4 years study of engineering college.


  • AMIE refers to a certificate provided by IE to those qualify exam conducted by them whereas BE is a professional degree course.
  • AMIE and BE are considered to be same value for all practical problem.


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