Anatomy Vs. Physiology

Difference Between Anatomy And Physiology Anatomy and physiology are the two branches of Biology. They are two subjects…

Difference Between Anatomy And Physiology

Anatomy and physiology are the two branches of Biology. They are two subjects that are closely related to each other but are completely different from each other. Anatomy is a branch of biology that deals with the study of living and physical structure. On the hand, you have a physiology, which in general is the study of the body parts of the body. There are some experts who claim that for a person to realize and understand the level of the physiology he needs to work on understanding the concept of anatomy.
The most important studies on the anatomy, needs to understand the size, shape and location of various structures in the human system. In short, science would later have the potential to take up chemical elements within the body while the anatomy could only see the external organs of human body.
Anatomists usually require dissection process to formally identify the body parts. This is done by cutting up the carcass and organisms, including humans, if an study is needed. In short, the study implies to the appearance of the body. To explore the physiology, one must work with real organisms or tissues to fully understand how the body would react to certain situations and events. It would involve analysis and investigation of release of neurotransmitters and energy storage in human cells.
Anatomy mainly has two departments which are called as microscopic anatomy, and macroscopic anatomy. Anatomy can be studied best from medical personnel such as x-ray technician, who has the task of understanding the different physical structures. Physiologists, meanwhile, are using this research to develop their own results and calculations when it comes to treating diseases such as cancer.


1 Anatomy is the study of the physical structure and appearance of the body, but physiology is the study of internal operations.
2. Anatomy is a branch of human biology, where the x-ray technician may be dealing with a real organ or bone diseases or other abnormalities, while work on the physiological understanding is to heal the internal functions correctly.
3. Physiology has various sub-sectors, while anatomy only has two sub sectors.

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