Android vs. Brew

Difference Between Android and Brew Brew and Android are mobile phone operating systems owned by Google. These models…

Difference Between Android and Brew

Brew and Android are mobile phone operating systems owned by Google. These models have become household names as they are used entirely in smart phones. Brew is short for Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless, which is also a low-end Operating system for segment mobile phones. In other words, it is a product of Qualcomm an application development program. It is best associated with the creation of mobile phone processors. Brew is barely used or known, Android on the other hand is very popular. Android was released after brew so it makes sense that Android has all the best features of brew. The biggest difference between these two devices is their usage. Android is used in high-end phones and again Brew is used in low-end phones. Even though Android is just an operating system it is popular as it is used in smart phones and tablets.

Everyone wants to own an Android; however, phones that has the Brew operating system is not easy to spot. In fact, cell phone developers use the Android logo on their phones to let their customers know they are using the latest state of the art technology. Brew features has the ability to create extensions like plug-in application components, as well as introduce new features within the application. The Android does not have this feature, but through the assistance of a third party developer, this feature could be implemented. However, with Android it is developed in the form of an AIDL.

Brew supports CDMA mobile phones and Android supports UMTS and GSM technologies. In the near future Android is set to support CDMA since it is an open source program. Brew does not have as many features as the Android, even though it is older. Androids applications are free but Brew applications must be purchased. Androids are being used in a number of ways, for e-books, for notebooks and for viewing TV.


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