Android vs. iPhone

Difference Between Android and iPhone Apple’s iPhone is a Smartphone which has all the makings of all the…

Difference Between Android and iPhone

Apple’s iPhone is a Smartphone which has all the makings of all the other smart phones based on Android operating system. A smart phone is a device which is used in receiving and making voice calls. Actually, a smartphone is a computer in itself which can be put in your pocket. Its features make it a computer rather than a phone to make and receive voice calls. It has wi-Fi connectivity, a digital camera, and many other capabilities which are not found in a normal mobile phone.

iPhone is in its fourth edition at present. It is most popular among executives and students and as a result its sale has soared high at present. It is the best selling among the smartphones. In spite of the fact that iPhone is a smartphone like other Android based smartphones in the market, Apple has a lead among others such as Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC and Motorola. Its competition is sharp among these contenders of the smartphones. It has the latest version iPhone 4.

All the generations of the iPhone are based on the iOS which is Apple’s own operating system. On the other hand all other smarphones are based on the Android which is an operating system developed and launched by Google. All the giant smartphone makers use Android operating system while iPhone uses Apple’s own operating system. Android has been revised many a times since it was developed by Google. The latest version of Android is called Gingerbread which is Android 2.3 version. The operating system in iPhones is closed while Android is an open source operating system. It can be used by mobile makers as a platform.


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