Android vs. MeeGo

Difference Between Android and MeeGo These two devices are smart phone tablets and pad, and they both use…

Difference Between Android and MeeGo

These two devices are smart phone tablets and pad, and they both use the Linux open source operating system. Android was taken over and Google and MeeGo is the creation of Nokia and Intel. However, MeeGo is not available for release to the public or for marketing use.


Since MeeGo is, a Linux operating system it can operate on a variety of devices such as tablets, mobile handsets, net books, and tables. In has an support system which allows it to be hooked up to vehicles inside a television. The world largest open chip manufacturer of Intel and Maemo invented Moblin an open source project and in February 2010 Nokia and Intel fused together their open source project and created MeeGo. The main reason these companies merged was to solidify both project and pave the way for a new generation of open source platforms for the tablets and for the smart phones and for other capable devices. This open source program has user-friendly properties that allow the users to implement add- ons, such as hardwood.


Android was developed by Android but was later taken over by Google in 2005. Google is one of the world largest and most popular internet giant ever. The Android is developed for smart phones and tablets it is an open source program. Android has a series of devices and continues to bring even more technology to the marketplace. Android is not new to the game of commercial market it association goes back for quite some time. Handset for the Android 3G and 3G market has more than 200 thousand applications running on their system, and manufacturers of LG, HTC, Samsung, and Motorola, has already introduced handset for these devices. While MeeGo is still in the development stage, Android continues to keep a high profile.


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