Anger vs. Hate – The Difference Between

The difference between anger and hate Although anger and hate are not the same thing, anger can lead…

The difference between anger and hate

Although anger and hate are not the same thing, anger can lead to hate. Many people get angry about a situation or with someone, but this doesn’t mean they feel hatred toward the person. Knowing the difference between anger and hate can be very important in relationships.

What is anger?

It is very common to resent a person who threatens you in some way, such as offending you or causing your ego to deflate. The feeling of resentment is one of anger in which you get mad at the person and possibly state your opinion in no uncertain terms. All human beings have the emotion of anger and everyone has felt angry many times. It is almost always caused by something that another person does or says. Sometimes the threat is perceived and the other person may not have intended any harm. Depending on the situation, anger can develop instantaneously or it can develop over time.

What is hate?

When you constantly feel angry with someone and this lasts for a long time, this emotion can turn to hate. You feel extreme dislike for a person and this gradually builds and builds. Hatred is not limited to people – it can also extend to animals, objects, and locations. Whenever there is a feel of hostility and a deep sense of anger, hatred is only a few steps away.

Hate makes you feel distressed. You know that you should not feel that way and want to change, but you have a heavy feeling inside. When you feel hate, you are very resentful and it makes you feel hostile and combative.

The difference between anger and hate

Hate and anger are two different emotions, but in order for hate to occur, there must be anger. Anger is an emotion that passes. Depending on the situation it can pass very quickly or it may take you some time. Hate is different in that it stays with you and eats you up inside making you feel worse every day.

The ability to get angry is innate and it only takes a trigger to make someone angry. You don’t learn how to get angry, but it is possible to learn how to hate. When you choose to dislike someone or something, then you make the decision to hate. You can be angry with someone that you love, but it is impossible to love someone that you hate.


  1. Anger is an emotion that everyone feels. It is usually triggered by a specific incident, such as someone making a comment that hurts your ego.
  2. Hate is a condition that worsens over time. Anger passes, but hate just continues and the longer it continues the worse it makes you feel.
  3. Anger is not the same as hate, but in order to hate, you must feel anger.
  4. Anger is temporary, but hate is lasting.


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