Anime vs. Cartoon

Difference Between Anime and Cartoon Do you get confused between anime and cartoon? If yes, then this article…

Difference Between Anime and Cartoon

Do you get confused between anime and cartoon? If yes, then this article will make the differences between them clear to you. Both these forms use colors, forms and lines for creating images and illustrations and both of these forms have been used for years for creating a form of entertainment especially for kids.

Anime is associated with animation and is believed to have originated in Japan but Japanese consider it to be a global term. After its origination in 20th century, this stylized, sophisticated and multihued art form has experienced many changes and advancements.

Cartoons have evolved over a period of time and from its association with renaissance fine art to humorous illustrations in all types of print media it has developed as an art form. The confusion between anime and cartoon is because the animated characters that we see on TV are referred to as cartoons though they are Anime. You can see that today cartoons are effective medium of satirical representations and are used to draw attention towards matters of public and political interest.

There is no need to differentiate these two forms but for the sake of understanding we can understand that cartoons get their influence from uncomplicated plots which are well defined while Anime is based on unpredictable and unconventional themes.

Cartoons are better in portraying the characters and their roles while in Anime you can see the evolution of the characters.


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