Antique vs. Vintage

In almost all cases the description of antique and vintage means the same. Both are referred to as…

In almost all cases the description of antique and vintage means the same. Both are referred to as old. Normally, man is fond of past. Usually, man collects the remembrance from the olden days. After all, most people do it as a hobby. The main reason behind such collection is that in the past there use to be innovative and supreme works of art which includes painting and sculptures that is rarely talked by anyone. There is an artistic attraction for the things from olden days, and no one can accuse a man as it s common sense in a man. Some people also become antique collectors due to the magnetism of the old things. Antiques not only give a glance at the past but also suggest about the future. There has been a considerable debate from the past as to what is antique and what is past.

Antique, generally refers to old thing. However, it is typically used to call as an entity due to its beauty, rare availability, age and some outstanding features. They use to show a level of craftsmanship or an attraction towards them. Antiques are generally referred to as something that is about 100 years old yet the object is considered while defining it. The best example for this can be a sculpture that is about 50 years old. Moreover, an electronic widget is also said to be as antique if it is 20-30 years old. In other words, it can be best defined that an object over and above 75 years can be considered as an antique.

Vintage, is said to have origin from wine-making. The time or location where the wine is bottled is referred to a vintage. And classically, some vintages are considered more good than others. Applying this idea on other goods is a result of vintage cars, vintage flats, etc. Thus, pointing an object refers to a specific era. However, it is not a compulsion that vintage should necessarily mean an antique. The old car of 2000 could be called as a vintage but not an antique. Consideration of a particular vintage can point out that the specific period would be good for wines. However, majority of famous vintage items, a car for example, would be hunted after collector’s item.

Difference between Antique and Vintage

Antique and vintage refers to an old object that passes a glance of the era in the minds of the people. There value increases even more depending upon their rarity and genuineness. Moreover, an antique object can be a vintage object, but it can’t be vice-versa. Like in the example of an old car from 2000 states the era. Antique refers to an object itself, while vintage refers to the period of the object. For example, Volkswagen Beetle could be considered as a vintage but not an antique as it is widely used even today.


  • Antique and vintage refers to old collectible things. Antiques and vintages are valuable and famous due to their rarity and genuineness.
  • Antique and vintage objects give a glance of our history and the golden era. As such, they are not only for artistic reasons, but for historical as well.
  • Antique refers to the object only, while vintage refers to the era of the old thing.
  • It is possible for an antique object to be a vintage but not vice-versa.


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