Anxiety Vs. Heart Attack

Difference Between Anxiety And  Heart Attack These two terms heart attack and anxiety are experienced by human beings.…

Difference Between Anxiety And  Heart Attack

These two terms heart attack and anxiety are experienced by human beings. Different mental disarrays cause anxiety-which in itself in very unpleasant and as far as heart attack is concerned it is an unexpected, rigorous and uncharacteristic heart function. Both concern the heart and in case of anxiety the heart beat becomes faster. However anxiety is more related to the emotional side rather than the physical aspect and is triggered by fear that comes with the anticipation of some misfortune. This is one of the symptoms of heart attack, trauma; depression, anger etc are some other reasons.

When an anxious person experiences chest pains, he usually relates it to heart attack as one of the effects of cognitive anxiety is the severe fear of death. Anxiety is also considered to be a symptom for arrhythmia (heart failure). In case of heart failure an unusual electric activity makes the heart beat to become too fast or too slow and irregularly.

Heart attack and anxiety attack are sometimes confused as both cause pain and inconvenience. However heart attack is worse than the other one as the patient of heart attack feels chest pain and a sensation of tightness, pressure and squeezing for more than a minute. The pain also happens in upper body parts like neck jaws, arms and even stomach.

Anxiety attack may seem like a heart attack in situations like fast breathing causing short breath, cold sweat, queasiness, dizziness. In cases like these medical check up determines what is what. However after an attack of anxiety the patient is perfectly normal without any previous symptoms while after a heart attack the patient goes on experiencing the same symptoms. Post anxiety attack the patient repeatedly experiences sudden fatigue.

The question whether the emotional issues cause anxiety attack and that in turn causes heart attack is debated by many. There have been many researches about the link between mood and health issues. There are opinions that anxiety attack is a kind of heart exercise unlike hear attack that is a health hazard. Anxiety leads to alertness in a person and that makes a person more responsive during heart attack. However this is not the case when there is a heart attack. Thus we can see that anxiety attack is not dangerous and it is the one that should be taken care of.

However it should be remembered that normally anxiety attack do not normally lead to heart attack and heart attack can happen to one who have had heart diseases. However anxiety attack- just because it appears like heart attacks should be taken for granted. Thus their differences and protection measures should be known.

During an anxiety attack, medical advice should be sought. It can be cut attack turned red by ‘cognitive restructuring’ that makes a person aware of the symptoms and the preventive measures of another attack. However behavioral adjustment and relaxation procedures along with proper medication by the medical experts also help in reducing this attack.

If you are not aware of the difference between the symptoms of these two types of attacks, medical advice should be sought. There is no point feeling ashamed if the anticipated heart attack turned out to be an anxiety attack as prevention is better than cure.


1. Both anxiety and heart attacks lead to amplified heart rates, uneven heartbeats, pain and uneasiness.

2. Unlike heart attacks, anxiety attacks are not followed by severe pain.

3. Both are associated to heart.

4. There are many studies regarding with association of mood problems with anxiety and heart attacks.

5. People with previous heart ailments experience heart attacks, and it is the emotional issues that cause anxiety attacks.

6. In both the cases medical help must be immediately sought.

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