Anxiety vs. Schrizophrenia

Difference Between Anxiety and Schrizophrenia Anxiety and schizophrenia are two different physiological and psychological state of mind. Anxiety…

Difference Between Anxiety and Schrizophrenia

Anxiety and schizophrenia are two different physiological and psychological state of mind. Anxiety describes some uncomfortable feeling that can be associated with fear. Anxiety to some degree the experience of psychotic agitation in schizophrenia is a small percentage of the population in the world.

Anxiety is also related to physical factors such as rapid heartbeat, headache, weakness or nausea. Anxious people may have nightmares. Schizophrenia, however, is often characterized by foolish behavior and foolish laughter with errors and odd behavior.

Both anxiety and schizophrenia may have some connection to what happened in the past or at the beginning of life, which can be a shock or something else . It may also be due to the risk of pregnancy. But only schizophrenia may have genetic causes.

People are nervous, particularly those suffering from any disease that usually ask if it is possible to eventually become schizophrenic. The main cause of schizophrenia is a genetic disease for the individual. The probability of having psychosis depends on the family. Anxiety does not cause schizophrenia, but it is more of a behavioral disorder.

Anxious people still hear the world, despite a campaign of fear, in contrast to schizophrenia, they seem to have their own home because of the number of imaginary people. Both live in fear, but schizophrenia is always paranoid that someone may read or work in mind and put them in a way that leads to injury. Schizophrenia is beyond comprehension, and even frightening, because they cause harm to people where they live, unaware of his work. Those who suffer from mental disorders like schizophrenia, a common condition in which mental deterioration. This atrophy is characterized by delusions, paresthesia, and hallucinations because of their inability to distinguish real from unreal experiences.

Both can be treated with drugs such as anxiety-reducing drugs and neuroleptics. Anxiety can easily get in schizophrenia. They need to be a mental institution to assess progress in his behavior.

It is recommended that if you have friends who have suddenly had a different behavior, and seems to be working crazier than usual, do not hesitate to seek help before it gets worse.


Summary :.

First Fear is a kind of feeling, but schizophrenia is a mental confusion.

2 Schizophrenia has a worse effect on people, but anxiety.

Three anxiety and schizophrenia may both result from previous trauma and inappropriate drug intake, but the latter is a genetic problem.

4 Anxiety does not cause schizophrenia and schizophrenia has always causes anxiety.

5 schizophrenics do not recognize the difference between real and unreal world, while people suffering from anxiety can do it.


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