Apple Cider vs. Apple Juice – The Difference Between

Perhaps as aged as their introduction to consumer markets, both apple cider and apple juice have been put…

Perhaps as aged as their introduction to consumer markets, both apple cider and apple juice have been put on a head on collision and competition as to which is better. In fact, this discussion has led a fine division between pro and con for each favorite, fruity thirst quenchers that all started with an apple tree. As it makes its way out of their roots and branches, bushels of apples then part ways as processing finally began where all the stages—from the juicing equipment right down to the cartons—are begun with not as much distinctions as one would expect for two very distinct products.

Taking these key aspects into consideration, what then decides and draw the line between apple cider and apple juice?

How They Came To Be

Needless to say, apple cider and apple juice are from a single origin. However, if you apply another age old question of “which came first” to this mix up already, the answer is apple cider. Additional processes are required to be able to refine it to apple juice. Having been fermented or not makes a huge difference as those that have undergone it are termed as Hard Cider. Otherwise, it is called as Sweet Cider. It starts off with variations of the fruit all combined and compressed to squeeze out the tasty juices from each.

How Your Palettes Might React

Simple enough, refining apple cider produces the juice. Therefore, taste becomes distinguishable from the other as the former has a more robust fruity flavor and “earthier” texture to it while the latter has a more purified taste which equals extra sweetness. If you are to take both immediately after they have been created, there is simply the intake of regular refreshing beverages but having apple cider sit for a while could mean an alcoholic drink for you.

How One Process Could Change Everything

Of all the aspects and factors that come into play, pasteurizing has the most influence and control on differentiating between the two. If not pasteurized, apple cider will not turn into apple juice and will be instead fermented by yeast that already come with the fruit itself into an alcoholic apple drink. These results might interest you but it will take a week to successfully produce an apple-martini-like drink from apple cider though it is unadvisable to do it yourself as you will soon find out.

How Bad Can It Be?

For people who would like to use apple cider as part of their fermentation experiment, experts would rather you didn’t as history could certainly repeat itself. A widespread occurrence of E. Coli contamination during sometime in the 90’s had been traced back to apple cider which had not been removed off its natural yeast. This caused US FDA to act by enforcing required pasteurizing through heat processes by HACCP protocols. As such, there will always be some people who believe otherwise and would like to preserve the natural state of apple cider with the argument that the fruit has undergone many processes already to still harbor any infectious agents.

How Does It All Add Up?

Much information can gap as well as link apple cider and apple juice which include:

  • A single origin—Apple!
  • One produces the other—Apple Juice from Apple Cider
  • One, apple cider, is strong on flavor while the other, apple juice, appeals to tickling the sweet buds
  • The beginning of it all, apple cider, if not processed correctly, can cause a serious illness

While these are the facts, the choice between which drink to go for is still a matter of personal fondness or perhaps a matter of individual taste buds. Either way, if an apple happens to drop right in front of you, make sure you appreciate how much influence it can have for each and every person.

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