Apple IOS 4 2 IOS 4 2 1 vs. Apple IOS 4 3

Difference Between Apple IOS 4 2 IOS 4 2 1 and Apple IOS 4 3 Apple iOS 4.2…

Difference Between Apple IOS 4 2 IOS 4 2 1 and Apple IOS 4 3

Apple iOS 4.2 and iOS 4.3 are two of the latest versions of operating systems by Apple. To understand the differences between them let us take a look at the list of the features supported by these two operating systems.

Apple iOS 4.3

This operating system was launched with iPad 2 in March 2011 to improve and add new features to iOS 4.2.1, released in November 2010.  Here is a list of added features that you will find in iOS 4.3

  • iTunes Home sharing
  • video streaming is improved
  • AirPlay support for editing audio and video, photo slide show and sharing on social networking sites.
  • Improved safari browser which has new nitro JavaScript engine
  • New iMovie version that allows sending of HD videos with just one tap. It also has precision editor as well. It also allows you to get more than 50 sound effects and themes like Neon.

Music changes with changing themes.

  • For iPad it has multitasking gestures but it is still in testing phase for testing its finger pinch and wipe feature.
  • Multitrack audio recording
  • Airplay to Apple TV feature
  • Message setting is improved and you can now automatically repeat the alerts as many times as you want by setting its number.
  • Hotspot feature to allow you to connect as many as 5 devices through Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth.  You can connect as many as 3 devices only through Wi-Fi. When you are not using the hotspot feature its auto switch off mode gets active and saves power.
  • iPad Switch can rotation lock and mute.
  • It has feature of parental control which can be used for restricting access to the applications you want.
  • Improved call feature allows you to make calls and conference calls with just one tap. You can pause in between the calls for sending passcode.
  • HDMI capability allows you to connect to any of the HDMI devices through Apple Digital AV adapter or connect to HDTV and share videos from your devices like iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone.
  • Push notification feature allows you to follow requests and post comments on the songs which are being played live on the screen.
  • GarageBand application allows you to plug in touch instruments like Grand Piano, Bass, Guitars Organ, and Drums. Its compatibility with Mac version makes it easy for you to email AAC file of the songs you want and get 8tracks recording and effects and 250+ loops
  • This costs you $4.99.

In comparison to this operating system iOS 4.2 offered little lesser number of features but the features offered are sufficient for making it a great operating system. Here is a list of the features offered by it:

  • Multitasking
  • voice over IP
  • location notifications
  • Airplay: allows you  to stream ITunes library without download or sync

to AirPlay and AppleTV.

  • Airprint: allows you to print directly from iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
  • Find my phone feature allows you to locate your device from remote location and set passcode lock remotely.
  • Game center allows you to play with your friends and compare your scores.
  • directory enhancement
  • messages with message tone
  • support for 50 languages
  • It has email features like unified mail box, facility to open attachments in third party applications.


This is the operating system for Verizon iPhone4, the CDMA iPhone released with 4.2.6.


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