Apple Iphone IOS 3 vs. IOS 4

Difference Between Apple Iphone IOS 3 and IOS 4 Apple iOS is the operating system used by apple…

Difference Between Apple Iphone IOS 3 and IOS 4

Apple iOS is the operating system used by apple for their devices. iOS is mostly used in iPhones, iPads, and touch iPods. From the starting of the first iPhone launched in July 2007, there were several versions of iOS being used from the beginning and iPhone OS 2.0 was released in July 2008, which supports 3rd party applications, new YouTube, supports cut, copy, paste. And currently the latest iOS available in market is iOS 4; it supports multitasking, iAd, Game Centre and more.

Apple iOS 3.X was launched with third generation of iPhone  which was having unique features like Display address with drop PIN in maps, more you tube features like login, commenting, rating videos, HD video recording, contact editable with recent calls, in my phone option added in mobileMe, Support HTML5, Press and hold to get open, MMS functionality with sending images, video and vcards , improvements in Safari i.e. the main browser,  improved language support, pen in new page and copy links, Bluetooth and new voice memo applications .

Apple had launched several upgraded versions of iOS 4 which are also compatible with iPhone 3 and iPhone 3GS. As iOS 4.0.2 was released in August 2010 to fix some security issues, then in November 2010 apple released iOS to fix overall problems of previous versions of operating systems. The unique features of iOS 4.2.X were,

Multitasking: This is a method of sharing common processing resources such as a CPU to multiple applications.
Airprint:  it can takes prints of photos, mail, WebPages direct from your iPhone.

iAD: Advertising on Mobile (Mobile Advertisement Network).

Game Centre: allows group of friends to play together in multiplayer gaming.

Enhancement:  iOS 4 can support over 50 different languages.

Find my phone: helps to locate your missing device and protect its data.


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