Apple Macbook Pro Winter 2011 vs. Ipad-2

Difference Between Apple Macbook Pro Winter 2011 and Ipad-2 Apple is still leading in the global market by…

Difference Between Apple Macbook Pro Winter 2011 and Ipad-2

Apple is still leading in the global market by launching Macbook pro winter 2011 and iPad 2. Macbook pro winter 2011 and iPad 2 are two marvelous computing devices from apple. Apple presently created a confused situation for customers whether they should go for this latest laptop or the tablet from Apple.  Below is the comparison between two masterpieces by apple in the global market of computing devices.


When it comes to portability Macbook pro winter is a lot heavier than iPad 2. For those who are always on the move iPad 2 is a boon for them. IPad 2 with a weight of just 1.33 pounds makes it a lot easier to carry along.

Processing Power
iPad 2 is having upgraded version of processor. It has replaced the older A4 processor and used 1GHz Dual-core A5 processor that is not only twice as fast as its predecessor.

The operating system is now legendary iOS 4.

As compared to iPad 2 the Macbook winter 2011 is having 2.7 GHz Intel Dual Core 17 processor that makes computing effortless and seamless.


IPad 2 has dimensions of 9.5 x 7.31 x 0.34 inches with a 9.7 inches display size, and Apple has been able to keep the weight down to just 1.33 pounds making it look like a toy in comparison to MacBook Pro Winter 2011.
On other hand, Macbook pro winter 2011’s overall dimensions are 12.8 x 8.9 x 0.95 inches and weigh just 4.5 pounds which becomes 5 pounds with AC adaptor.


Battery plays an important role in device’s performance. Whether it is a laptop or a tablet, battery power is crucial as the user is away from the source of electricity often. The battery of MacBook Pro Winter is phenomenal as it lasts for about 7 hours when fully charged.

While iPad 2 can give backup for maximum 10 hours when fully charged.


iPad 2 is having Dual camera with a rear 3MP camera that can record HD videos and also a VGA camera in front to make video calls, While Macbook pro winter is having integrated camera capable of clicking images at resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.


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