Aqua vs. Turquoise – The Difference Between

How are aqua and turquoise different? Many people have the idea that aqua and turquoise are the same…

How are aqua and turquoise different?

Many people have the idea that aqua and turquoise are the same color because the hue of both is so similar. In fact they are so much alike that it is difficult to be able to tell them apart. They both belong to the color spectrum group that is called cyan spectrum. There are three colors in this group – aqua, turquoise and aquamarine. All three have traces of blue and green that make them hard to differentiate between them. Red, blue and black are colors that are easy to distinguish because they are so different.

One way in which you can tell aqua and turquoise apart is that turquoise is lighter than aqua. The color aqua seems to fall somewhere in between blue and green and is easy to pick out when you are looking at the color wheel. On the other hand aqua and aquamarine are almost identical so turquoise is the color in the cyan spectrum that is different from the other two.

There is more green than blue in the color turquoise. It is the greenest color in the cyan spectrum. There is a precious stone that is called turquoise and this is where the name of the color comes from because it is the color of this gem. Aqua contains the colors blue and green but they are present in the same proportions. The presence of the shades of blue and green is the main way to differentiate between the two colors.

On the RGB color model, the red-green-blue values of turquoise and aqua are different. Turquoise has an RGB value of red – 64, green – 224 and blue – 208. Aqua has an RGB value of red – 0, green – 255 and blue – 255. There are no shades of red in aqua.


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