Arctic vs. Antarctic – The Difference Between

The difference between the Arctic and the Antarctic The Arctic and the Antarctic are the polar regions of…

The difference between the Arctic and the Antarctic

The Arctic and the Antarctic are the polar regions of the world. The Arctic is at the North Pole and the Antarctic is at the South Pole. There are many differences between the two regions of the world in a description of the environment, the weather, the plants and animals that live there, and the amount of human activity. The Antarctic is a continent surrounded by the stormiest seas on the planet, while the Arctic is a sea that includes land masses and icebergs. The continent of Antarctica is surrounded by masses of ice called an ice pack.

Mild winds blow across the Arctic, but the winds of the Antarctic are very strong, making it a much colder and windier location. In the summer months, the waters of the Arctic are free of ice, but the waters of the Antarctic are covered with ice all year long. Only about 5% of the continent is free of ice.

There are also vast differences in the amount of human activity that takes place in each location as well as the types of plant and animal life that is found there. There are indigenous people living in the Arctic and there are large land animals living there, but the opposite is true of the Antarctic. Eskimos and polar bears inhabit the Arctic but the only residents of the Antarctic are penguins and seals.

There are no trees in the Antarctic but there are plenty of masses of algae. The Arctic, on the other hand, does not have any algae and it does have trees. There is also a difference in the way the animals of each location behave. Those found in the Arctic are very savage and aggressive, whereas the animals of the Antarctic are calm and passive.

You will find towns and villages in the Arctic, but the Antarctic is an inhospitable environment for human settlement. It is also interesting to note that the Arctic was discovered long before the Antarctic.


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