Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence

Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence In the field of education, intelligence is defined as the capacity…

Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence

In the field of education, intelligence is defined as the capacity to be understood, manage and fit to new situations. When it is about psychology, it is defined as the capacity to apply knowledge to change its environment. In general, human intelligence is the capacity of the human beings to combine several cognitive processes to fit to the environment. Artificial intelligence is the field devoted to the machines development which will be able of imitating and performing functions as human beings.

What human intelligence?

Human intelligence is defined as quality of the mind which is constituted of capacities to learn the past experience and adaptation to new situations, the manipulation of abstract ideas and capacity to change sound and own environment by using acquired knowledge. The interviewers are still taken out (after all these years) measures to find the sense of intelligence (because they think that they did not find the precise signification of intelligence, still). More newly, the psychological interpretation of intelligence evolved towards the capacity to fit to the environment. For instance, a doctor has to learn to treat a patient with unknown symptoms or to change an artist painting to reflect the impression that he makes. Efficient adaptation requests problems of perception, study, memory, logical reasoning and resolution. It means that intelligence is not particularly a mental process; it is rather a notice of these processes towards the efficient adaptation of environment. Then when it is about the example of the doctor, it / it is necessary to adapt to the equipments by seeing ones illness, study of sense behind material, memorization of the most important facts and reasoning to understand the appearance of new symptoms. Then, as a whole, intelligence is not considered to be a simple possibility, but a combination of capacities.

What artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the domain of the computer science devoted to the machines of development which will be able of imitating and performing the same tasks, as a human being. The researchers have spent time to find a viable alternative of human mind. The quick development of computers after its arrival in 50 years helped the researchers to take measures towards this objective to mime a human being. Applications of modern days as vocal recognition, robots to play chess, tennis of table and play music have made the dream of these true researchers come true. But philosophy according to HAVE, HAVE is considered as divided into two big types, to know weak AI and strong AI. The weakness of AI is the cogitation centered towards the development of technology able of performing pre-planned moves to rest on some rules and application and attain a certain purpose. Strong development of technologies is the future which can think and work similar to the human beings, and not only imitating human behavior in a certain domain.

What is difference between artificial intelligence and human intelligence?

Human intelligence turns around the adaptation to environment by using a combination of several cognitive processes. The field of artificial intelligence concentrates on the comprehension of machines which can imitate human behavior. However, the researchers in AI are able go as far as the weak implementation AI, but not strong AI. In fact, some people think that strong AI is never possible owing to difference between various human cerebrums and a computer. Therefore, at the moment, the simple possibility of imitating human behavior is considered to be Artificial intelligence.




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