Associates Degree vs. Bachelors Degree

Difference Between Associates Degree and Bachelors Degree Associate degree and bachelor’s degree are undergraduate degrees. Many students who…

Difference Between Associates Degree and Bachelors Degree

Associate degree and bachelor’s degree are undergraduate degrees. Many students who are about to register for graduate degrees are in a dilemma, as they are not sure of the difference between the Bachelor’s and Associates degrees. As much time, money and future prospects depend on the decision you make, it is better to understand the characteristics of both the degrees. This article will explain the confusion in the minds of students about both degrees in order to be able to make better and informed choice.

The two bachelor’s and associate degrees are a undergraduate degrees. The Associate degree is often preferred by students who are unsure of their career or are unsure if they would like to pursue a college beyond the associate degree. However, some students choose the associate degree strongly as they know what they need for their career. It allows such students, who want to pursue more studies to transfer credits earned in the associate degree program in the bachelor’s degree program. Those who are absolutely sure in their minds about their careers directly seek admission in the bachelor’s degree program.

Normally, an associate degree is a program of two years while a bachelor’s degree usually takes 4-5 years for completion. Associate degree after completion can get you jobs that pay less than those available to those who hold a bachelor’s degree. You get a job after having an associate degree, but it is also used by some as a stepping stone for higher studies.

The Bachelor’s degree provides more opportunities in terms of job prospects and also serves as a base to go for the Master’s degree or a career in research. The sky is the limit after the bachelor’s degree as you can choose to do any professional course like law, medicine, administration, dentistry and so on after getting the bachelor’s degree.

While the level of an associate’s degree consists of 60 credit hours, the bachelor’s degree course consists of 128 credit hours. The associate degree can be obtained in two years, while a bachelor’s degree takes 4-5 years of study. Honestly speaking, the associate’s degree is much more like a specialized course or a professional certificate leading candidate in a particular field of specialization. On the other hand, a bachelor’s degree is a full-time course offers more in terms of career opportunities that an associate degree. While the associate degree is provided by community colleges and technical universities, a regular bachelor’s degree is provided by all universities and colleges of good reputation.


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