Asteroid Vs. Meteor

Difference Between Asteroid And Meteo An asteroid are small sized, rocky, inactive bodies the orbit the sun  meteor…

Difference Between Asteroid And Meteo

An asteroid are small sized, rocky, inactive bodies the orbit the sun  meteor on the other hand is based on the phenomenon linked to light that occurs when particles of a comet or asteroid (meteor) is the Earth’s atmosphere and vaporize. It is often also known as the star.

Researchers say some asteroids pass close to Earth, but there is also evidence that some effects of soil having survived his way through the atmosphere. Asteroids that turn into meteors can strike the earth and hence in the process form craters like the Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

The Greeks referred to the word meteor for various atmospheric phenomena’s, including the Halos, Rainbow, Halos, shooting stars, Boliden etc but modern scholars use the term meteor only for trails that are bright and luminous like the shooting star, fire balls, falling stars etc.  Ancient meteorites were associated with superstitious beliefs and believed to be generated by exciting gases in the atmosphere. Meteors show large differences in the way they are linked to the asteroid.

Scientists believe that asteroids are remaining components of the first process that led to the formation of the solar system and our planet earth almost more than three billion years ago. Most asteroids are a composition of rocky materials, but some may contain metals such as nickel and iron. They can range in size from small blocks to the hundreds of miles in diameter. Some Asteroids are burned-out comet the ice of which has vaporized or has melted absolutely. Asteroids occupy the area between orbits of Jupiter and mars in the form of a belt.

Meteors are almost a daily phenomenon and almost shooting stars can be noticed on a night that is clear. These are visible during the evening and early hours of morning. More than twenty one million asteroids break into the atmosphere everyday but they get close to earth only once in thousands and thousands of years.


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