Asthma vs. Copd

Difference Between Asthma and Copd The important difference between asthma and COPD is that asthma is a respiratory…

Difference Between Asthma and Copd

The important difference between asthma and COPD is that asthma is a respiratory problem that occurs due to certain environmental allergy, pollution, pollen, dust, etc., but COPD is a chronic version of the uncontrolled asthama. It stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Asthma can be treated at the primary level, but COPD is irreversible. It leads to permanent lung damage .

Another difference is that the symptoms of asthma are wheezing, exhibited cough, chest pain , congestion and frequent wheezing and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease has no such evidence, it can be confirmed with a respiratory infection. Asthma can be cured with appropriate and timely management while COPD is difficult to cure. Family history is also somewhat associated with such diseases. Asthma can not be completely hereditable but few patients with COPD are found to have genetic disorders. People exposed to chemicals, fumes and dust are more prone to such diseases. Coal miners, metal workers are often suffering from COPD.

Asthma can be treated with medication and inhalers while COPD needs strong antibiotics and synthetic supplements of oxygen. Asthma patients who need inhaled corticosteroids and bronchodilators as first-line treatment, but treatment of COPD is exactly the opposite. Bronchodilator as needed in the beginning, followed by inhaled corticosteroids only in certain cases. In asthma, inflammation is basically eosinophilic while COPD is neutrophils. This type of inflammation will determine the treatment of patients. Asthama is biologically active only in airways while in COPD, airways and parenchyma cells are also affected. Asthma treatment reduces inflammation while COPD therapy reduces symptoms


Summary ..:

1.Upper respiratory tract is affected by Asthama, but COPD is a lung infection or peripheral damage

2. In Asthama there is a chance for a cure, but COPD is an irreversible form of acute asthma.

3. Asthma is common in children than adults while COPD is found in people who are smokers.

4. Asthma is caused due to allergies created due to environment while COPD is a chronic lung disease of the airways caused by chemicals, gases, etc.



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