Atlantis vs. Lemuria – Myth, Fact or Fiction?

Rich ruins, those are the pictures that mostly come into one’s mind when ancient civilization is on topic…

Rich ruins, those are the pictures that mostly come into one’s mind when ancient civilization is on topic from the vast culture of Mayans, Egyptians, Indus, Mesopotamians, Romans and the Greeks. Though these are the most popular civilizations, there are also some that touches more the realms of archaeological studies, two of these being Atlantis and Lemuria.

Scientific And Common Beliefs

Like most ancient societies, Atlantis was passed on by word of mouth which would mostly evolve from one to another but its sophistication and richness is the most common belief. Nowadays, people state it as nothing more than a product of imaginative literary works such as elaborative poetries or local myths. However, this was not always the case and as such, people who lived long before these ages strongly had faith in the existence of Atlantis. As for Lemuria, the story that had been passed on was about its people and resources which had survived until devastation had been brought about 80,000 years ago. After which, Lemuria had been named “Lu”. This aspect of the story sparked quite a number of disagreements. However, this is also a rejected fact by people while many do regard “The Find Of Fire” as Lemuria.

Link To The Past

As much as human intellect and rationality has taken over most of the people who have learned of both Atlantis and Lemuria and have believed it to be nothing more than children’s stories or folklore, there is still a considerable amount of individuals which include the trained mind of men of science regard these places as a truth in the past. This was the supposed nature of Lemuria having been thought of as the land that most people have a trouble remembering as it vanished all of a sudden triggering subconscious memories or even those of a person’s past life.

State At The Present

Considering the truth behind Atlantis and Lemuria, how did the stories much less the ideas of them ever began? In addition to that, how can one be so certain that science cannot allow these foreign lands to be more than just myths or children’s fairytales? Even if one argues it as hard as they can, Atlantis and Lemuria do have a chance for persisting and surviving as one cannot prove otherwise as well.

Similarities And Differences

The bottom line is that people regardless of their age, culture, education, religion, nationality or even standpoint regarding matter will always have the freedom to decide upon themselves about the truth. For this case, it is not much a matter of their differences but rather a matter of their similarities when questioning their reality and disappearance. As such no one can prove either aspect of Atlantis and Lemuria which therefore leaves one with the thought of:

  • Both places might genuinely be sparked by poetry or other rich forms of literature but Atlantis and Lemuria has a good chance of existing as denying it with hard evidences is impossible at the moment.
  • Knowledge that both logical, persistent scientists and untrained, ordinary individuals are working to uncover the truth behind the mysterious lands to finally tell fact and fiction apart.
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